Out to See Boat Tours provides you with the great opportunity to design your own private tour. By customizing your unique experience it allows you discover and encounter what interests you and your guests. From exploring the depths of the mangroves, to the rich wildlife of the gulf coast, or simply bar hopping with a group friends, your tour is sure to be the hit of everyone's vacation! 

Cruise Types

 1-6 passengers

Nature Tour: $300 - 3 hours

Dolphins, birding, shelling, sandbars and nature cruises will be offered with a 3 hour minimum. Shelling will include several spots where we will be able to get off the boat and explore the sandy beaches, including areas only accessible by boat or kayak, such as the historical Mound Key. Sandbars provide a great place to get off and walk around at low tide, allowing you to explore, take in great views, while surrounded by water. Many species of birds found in the area including, frigate birds, brown and white pelicans, ibis, egrets, osprey, bald eagles and several species of herons. Some of which we are likely to encounter. Spotting of the bottle-nosed dolphin and Florida manatee are also a treat for all to see! 

‚Äč$75/each additional hour

Restaurant/Bar Tour: $300- 3 hours

Lunch, dinner or bar tours are a great option for family and friends. Many establishments around Fort Myers Beach are boat accessible. You can bar hop or have the opportunity to bring your own food and picnic on the sandbar or beach. 

$75/each additional hour

Sunset Tour: $200- 2 hour 

The white sand of Fort Myers Beach and the beautiful skies overlooking the Gulf Coast provide a spectacular setting for the sunset. Whether it's family, friends, or a romantic night with your partner, this tour is sure to be one to remember. 

$75/each additional hour

Fishing Tour: available upon request, call for pricing. 

All prices subject to change. 

Out to See Boat Tours

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